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Final Results of 2014 Interclub Team Postal Matches

Here is a summary of the results of the 2014 Interclub Team Postal Muzzleloader Matches, which are sponsored by the UPMLA. The matches began in January 2014 and were held monthly through June 2014.

The scores of the monthly club team winners are shown in bold.

2014 Baraga
January 232-6x 238-5x 215-2x 240-9x 241-5x 236-6x
February 235-6x 242-10x 223-1x 226-2x 245-7x  - - -
March 208 217 135 194 220 212
April 213-4x 230-2x 200-2x 214-3x 202-4x 244-4x
May 203-3x 175-1x 195-2x   - - - 240-11x 191-1x
June 231-4x 210-1x 201-1x 199-2x 235-2x   - - -

There were six clubs competing in the matches this year. These clubs are:
  • Blue Water Sportsman's Association of Port Huron in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan
  • Dallas Muzzle Loading Gun Club of Dallas, Texas
  • McKinley Mountainmen Muzzle Loading Rifle Club of Anchorage, Alaska
  • Menominee Ridge Runners from Northern Wisconsin
  • Baraga Blackpowder Bunch shooting at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, Michigan
  • Voyageurs Muzzle Loading Rifle Club from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Each month shooters from each club fired six shots at identical paper targets (one target per individual shooter). The targets were placed 25 yards from the firing line. The five highest scoring shots on each shooter's target counted toward the target score of 50 points maximum. Each club submitted all its targets to a common scoring person. Every shooter in each club who participated for the month was considered to be "on the team". The best five targets from each club were added to make up the club's monthly score. (The reason for including only the best five is because the six clubs did not necessarily have the same number of shooters each month.) The scoring person returned the targets to the clubs, along with a set of targets for the next month's shooting.

More information about the Interclub Team Postal Match may be found on the UPMLA web page for 2014 Events: (Link to page)

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