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Announcement of Listening Inn Muzzle Loader Shoot

(Slightly edited from a News Report of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club)
March 24, 2004
Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

from Lyle Hebert of the UPMLA

The Listening Inn Shoe & Shoot

Sunday, March 28th, 2004

Registration: 8am - 2pm

Hello to the fire! Hope you all had a good winter. I haven't seen some of you since last July, but I hope to remedy that. We have been asked to participate in a winter snowshoe shoot, along with the Quinnesec Falls Muzzle Loaders and a group of guys called The Rib Mt. Muzzle Loaders from over in Wisconsin.

The shoot will take place on Sunday March the 28th, at a place called "The Listening Inn". It is located between Crystal Falls and Amasa. From US-41 turn west on Clark Road and drive to number 339, which is at the end of the road.

The entry fee will be a blanket prize from $10 to $15.

If anyone would like to come over on Saturday and stay you can call "The Listening Inn" at (906) 822-7738 and ask for Carol as she owns the place and was kind enough to ask us to her place for this shoot.

Now for some info on the shoot: There will be six stations with two shots at each station. This will be a timed event with a twist - for every target you hit you will subtract minutes from your time. There will also be hawk and knife.

So come join us for a fun-filled day of shooting and snow shoeing on a gently rolling course. Bring yourself and a black powder gun, some snowshoes, and your knife and hawk and join us for a real good time. Carol will make us a lunch at a nominal fee. If this works out Carol said she might give us a whole week end at a later date. There are 500 acres at this site and the shoot will be held on groomed trails. Primitive dress is encouraged.

Listening Inn web site: listeninginn.com

If you need any more info call me, Lyle Herbert, at (906) 485-1326.

Lyle Hebert, Secretary, Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders Association

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