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Announcement of 2002 Woods Walk
Ottawa Sportsmen's Club

(From a Newsletter of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club)
May 22, 2002
Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

from Jon Henkel, Black Powder Chairman

Saturday, June 1st, 2002 at 10:00 am EDT

The OSC has responded to the popularity of hunting in the UP by offering a "Woods Walk" designed to meet the needs of all hunters.

  • Three hunters per hunting party. Your group or we will form groups.
  • Muzzleloading rifles of any caliber, type, and sights.
    That means anything from matchlocks, wheellocks, flintlocks, caplocks, to in-lines.
    If it loads from the muzzle and is shoulder fired it qualifies.
  • Patched round ball only.
  • Hunting party's mission is to gather food for the winter.
  • Game targets include silhouttes of bear, deer, rabbits, ducks, woodchucks, grouse, snakes(!), and several others.
  • Runing Deer Target. Bonus for heart shots!
  • Hunters should bring a hatchet, hunting knife, and matches.
    Loaners will be available.
  • Hawk (hatchet) and knife throwing instruction available.
  • Youth ages 12 - 16 are welcome, and must be accompanied on the woods walk by a responsible adult.
The Woods Walk is designed to be safe, educational, FUN, and to present simulated hunting situations to all hunters.

The OSC facilities will be available for camping Friday through Sunday. Fire wood and water is available. The club is located 7.3 miles west of Baraga, MI on Highway M-38. A $3.00 entry fee per participant includes a hot lunch. Lunch for non-participants will be available for a small fee.

For more info call Jon Henkel at (906) 353-6511 or jchenkel@up.net.

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