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2018 International Club Team Postal Matches

[img:map_tps] The UPMLA sponsors a team postal competition among several muzzle loading clubs. The competition involves monthly matches taking place over a six month period, January through June. Participating clubs have been located in the states of Florida, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alaska, and the province of Ontario.

Nine clubs from Canada and the United States have entered the 2018 competition.

How it works:  Each month, all the shooters who show up for a monthly meeting of each club fire six shots at individual paper targets distributed for the monthly competition. Shooters shoot at the same time and place. All who shoot are considered to be "on the team" for their club for that month. Numbers of individuals who shoot at any of the clubs can vary from month to month. Management of the monthly shooting event for each club (time, day, place, etc.) is left to the club.

Targets are placed 25 yards from the firing line. Firearms should be traditional sidehammer or underhammer rifles or smoothbores, either flintlocks or caplocks. Open sights only. Patched roundball only. The five highest scoring shots on each target will be counted toward the individual target score of 50 points maximum.

After their monthly shoot, each club mails the targets from all of its shooters to the UPMLA competition scorer. The five highest-scoring targets from each club are totaled to make up the club score for that month. The scores are used to determine the monthly winning club.

The scorer tabulates the scores of the targets of each shooter in each club, and sends results showing scores of all the shooters to the coordinator of each club. Every shooter can then see the scores of every other shooter in all the clubs.

There are NO FEES for participating. The only cost to a club is for postage to return the targets for scoring, and for making photocopies of the new target for club members each month.

For 2018, the nine clubs participating are:
[img:tgt0217] The targets often show a good bit of imagination and artistry. Some careful planning before shooting may be necessary to decide how to place the shots to maximize the score.

The competition is for fun and glory.

Summary scores for the teams may be posted in the News and Notes section of the UPMLA web site. (Here is a link to 2018 Scores.)

More information? Questions? Contact:
  • Jon Henkel
    11428 US Highway 41, Pelkie, MI 49958
    phone  906-353-6511
      email: jonhenkel@up.net

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