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UPMLA-Sponsored Postal Match for Individual Shooters

[img:postal15] The UPMLA sponsors a monthly postal muzzzleloading match for individual shooters. The match helps participants practice and refine their techniques and equipment, supporting the Association's goal of promoting skill and proficiency with muzzleloading firearms.

(Note: This postal match is separate from and not a part of the muzzleloading club team postal matches that are shot at regular monthly winter and spring shooting events).

How the match works:
  • Contact the individuals listed below to enter the match and pay the modest entry fee.
  • The match runs for 12 months beginning in July 2015. However, an individual may enter at any time with payment of the entry fee.
  • Membership in the UPMLA is not required to participate in the match.
  • Every month, each participant will receive two targets in the mail.
  • Targets should be shot and mailed back, postmarked on or before the deadline stated with the instructions that accompany the targets.
  • The rules of the match are to be followed on the honor system.
  • Firearms should be traditional sidehammer or underhammer rifles or smoothbores, either flintlocks or caplocks.
  • Open sights only.
  • Patched roundball only.
  • Each month there will be one target to be shot at a distance of 25 yards, and another target at 50 yards.
  • Returned targets must show evidence of shots required.
  • Course of fire will be furnished with each monthly set of targets. At least five shots will be required at each distance.
  • The score report for each month will be sent along with the next month's targets.
The targets are likely to show some imagination and artistry and may require some thought about where to place shots to obtain a maximum score.

Here is an example of a recent target:
25-yard target
actual size: 11x8.5 inches

More information? Questions? Contact:
  • Jon or Sandy Henkel

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